Name Smt. Mamta Meshram


Designation Research Officer
Qualification M. Sc. (Maths)
Experience 19 years
Subject Area Soil Science

     Bulletins: 02

     Book chapters: Nil

     Reviews: Nil

     Research papers:02

     Popular articles: Nil

     Papers presented in seminars/conferences:02

     Technical reports:01

Research papers in journals:

a. National Journals

  1.  Totey N.G, Khatri p. k, Shadangi D.k, Bagde M, and Pathak. 1997. Effect of Rhizobium Biofertilizer on growth of seedlings and germination of seed of Dalbergia sissoo. Indian Journal of Forestry, Vol.20 (1):54-56.

  2.  Sonkar S.D,Nandeshwar D.L, Vijayaraghavan and Meshram M. 2004. Evaluation of Biological diversity under the plantation of different tree species in degraded land. Nature Environment and Pollution Technology, vol .3 no.3 pp. 391-396.

 Papers presented in Seminar/Workshop/Conference

a.      National

  1. Vijayaraghavan A, Patra A.k, Singh R.B and Meshram M. (June 3-5,2005)Biodiversity Conservation and Utilization Cultivation Trial on Kalmegh (Andrographis Paniculata) in satpura plateau of Madhya Pradesh-A tool for Bio_Diversity Conservation. National Symposium on Recent Advancees in Science: A Prospective.

  2.  Sonkar S.D, Sawarkar S.D, Raghawan V and Meshram M Changes in Soil Moisture, Ground Flora Diversity and Productivity and Soil Properties: As Influenced by Watershed Development in Chhinwara (M.P.)- India .

 Technical Reports :           

  1. Nandeshwar D.L, Khobragade N.D and Meshram M. Standardization of nursery techniques and propagation method of Buchnania lanzan (July2001-March2006)


  1.   Kumbhare, V., Meshram, M., and Buxy, S. 2010. Hadjor (Cissus quadrangularis) published in Hindi.