Name Mrs. Shalini Bhowate


Designation Research Officer
Qualification M.Sc.  Zoology.
Experience 20 Years in Forest Entomology
Subject Area Forest Entomology

Research papers  - 09


Research papers in Journals:

1)K.C. Joshi ,P.B. Meshram ,S.Sambth , Usha Kiran ,Shalini Humane and G.N.Kharakwal (1992).Insect pests of some medicinal plants in Madhya Pradesh .Indian Journal of Forestry vol. 15 (1):(17-26).

2)N. Roychoudhary ,S.Sambth , Shalini Humane and K.C.Joshi(1995) Relative toxicity of some insecticides against Ailanthus defoliator , Atteva fabriciella Swed. (Lepidoptera :Yponomeutidae) Indian Journal of Forestry vol. 18:(4) 309- 311.

3)K.C. Joshi , N.Roychodhary , S. Sambth , Shalini Humane and D.K. Pandey , (1996) Efficacy of three varietal toxins of Bacillus thuringiensis Swed .(Lepidoptera :Yponomeutidae) Indian Forester,122 (11):1023-1027.

4)Meshram P.B.and Bhowate,S.2006A new report of red cotton bug Dysderchus cingulatus Fab .(Hemiptera :Pyrrhocoridae) as a pest of Sapindus trifoliatus .IndianForester 132 :1053-1054.

Research papers presented in conference.

1)S.Sambth ,ShaliniHumane ,Usha Kiran ,N. RoyChoudhary and K.C.Joshi (1992)Insect pests of Albizia lebbek Linn.,and A. procera Roxb. In: Proceeding s of Reginal meeting of silviculturists and Research workers of Central Region pp.265-270 ,organized by Maharastra Forest Department .and Tropical Forest Research institute Jabalpur held on 19-20 nov. 1992 , at chandraour (M.S.).

2)K.C. Joshi ,N. Roychoudhry ,S.Sambth and Shalini Humane (1993 ).Efficacy of some insecticides against Leucaena Psyllid ,Heteropsylla cubana Craw. In proceedings of Regional Meeting of Silviculturists and Research workers of Central Region.pp.265 -270 ,organized by Maharastra Forest Department and Tropical Forest Research institute , Jabalpur held on 19-20 Nov .1992.

3)K.C. Joshi ,N.Roychoudhary,S. Sambath and Shalini Humane (1993 ).Efficacy of three toxins of Bacillus thuringinsis against Ailanthus defoliator ,Atteva fabriciella Swed.(Lep.:Ypon.) Abstract submitted for IUFRO symposium on 23-26Nov. 1993 at Kerala Forest research Institute,Peechi, Kerala.

4)Joshi,K.C. Sambth S and Humane 1997,Biological control of insect pests .In proceeding of National workshop on Linkages between Forestry Research and Forestry practices at ICFRE, Dehradun .(Eds :Joshi S.C.,Singh R.P.,Pant S.C.and Ratori A.S.).Directorate of Extension ,ICFRE, Deharadun :76-81.

5)Joshi K.C.,Yosuf M . , Sambth S. and Humane S.2001Biological control by parasitoids and predators.In :Recent trends in insect pest control to enhance forest productivity.(Eds:Shukla P .K.and Joshi K .C.)TFRI,Jabalpur ,ICFRE& education:138-171.


1)Meshram P.B. and Bhowate ,S.2006 Deemak yevam safed gidar ka niyantran.ICFRE Bulletin 410,CFRHRD,Chhindwara ,(M.P.)